Give me some HoneyChild311… June 13, 2007

HoneyChild311 is a 28yr young Pisces, born and raised Miami native.  I love fashion, beauty, and cupcakes.  Some of my hobbies are snowboarding, scuba diving, dancing, singing, and being the “class clown” of any social situation. 

My family comes from Cuba and Spain and that has definitely led to an interesting Latin-American mix of culture for me. 

I love all types of music.  Some of my favorite groups are Beastie Boys, Bjork, NWA, 2Pac, Radiohead, Shakira, Mana, Carlos Vives, Poison, Nina Simone, blah, blah, blah, it can go on forever.  I even love showtunes. 

Favorite shows include, but are not limited to, Que Pasa USA?, The Family Guy, Arrested Development, Weeds, and Entourage. 

I love to eat, drink, travel, and schmooz with new and interesting people. 

Personal Mottos:

You can only regret that which you did not do

No patience for stupidity, no tolerance for bullsh*t


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