I’m Baaaaack… November 26, 2008

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So sorry I’ve been gone for so long.  Life’s been unexpectedly way too stressful as of late and I haven’t had the time to enjoy the divine pleasures of shopping and adding to my ridiculous wishlist.  But fret not, mama’s back! 

The best news I have to share at the moment is that my friends and I have finalized our snowboarding trip for this year.  Yay!  Joy to the world!  We’re heading back to Whislter Blackcomb Mountain in BC Canada. I’m so super excited.  It is the best spot in North America to snowboard.  I’m completely convinced.  Just check out these mountains…



Dreaming of snow… July 24, 2007

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Ever since I got back from this year’s snowboarding trip I have been fantasizing about getting on a mountain again.  I’ve got to say, living with the summer weather here in Miami just makes me crave it even more.  It is dreadfully hot and humid.  It’s like living in a greenhouse- ugh! 

Anyhow, every February a gang of my friends and I meet up in some sweet snowboarding spot and spend about 10 glorious days shredding and chillin’.  We won’t reconvene again until next February, so I’m really hurting.  I can’t even pretend that February is soon approaching because I live in freakin’ Miami where it literally never gets cold- ever! 

(Sniff, sniff)

What?  Crying?  Who?  Me?  What?  Shut-up!