So, you think you have a sense of humor? July 26, 2007

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So, you think you have a sense of humor? 

Here is the ultimate test: 

  1. Go rent every movie ever produced/written/directed by Wes Anderson– including Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
  2. Go home with aforementioned movies.
  3. Watch aforementioned movies.
  4. Once finished with previous steps, take a moment and think back at the frequency with which you laughed, guffawed, chuckled, snorted, giggled, chortled, snickered, and smiled. 
  5. If you resembled a Tickle-Me-Elmo on crack- Congratulations!  You apparantly have a suitable sense of humor.

Wes Anderson


Dreaming of snow… July 24, 2007

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Ever since I got back from this year’s snowboarding trip I have been fantasizing about getting on a mountain again.  I’ve got to say, living with the summer weather here in Miami just makes me crave it even more.  It is dreadfully hot and humid.  It’s like living in a greenhouse- ugh! 

Anyhow, every February a gang of my friends and I meet up in some sweet snowboarding spot and spend about 10 glorious days shredding and chillin’.  We won’t reconvene again until next February, so I’m really hurting.  I can’t even pretend that February is soon approaching because I live in freakin’ Miami where it literally never gets cold- ever! 

(Sniff, sniff)

What?  Crying?  Who?  Me?  What?  Shut-up!                       




One of my addictions… July 12, 2007

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Well, it’s time to purge again.  I’ve developed a devotion, fascination, love affair – whatever you want to call it – with these Freeze 24/7 products.  So far, I’ve tried two different products and I love them both.  Freeze 24/7’s Ice Cream Double Scoop Moisturizer is, well… it’s like butta baby!  The other product I’ve been using is Freeze 24/7’s Plump Lip Lip Plumper & Gloss.  It’s a great lip gloss that – as you may have guessed by the name – plumps up my lips.  Let me just say, not only do I have a pretty pucker, but I would venture to say it rivals Angelina Jolie’s.  Booya!  There, I said it.  What of it?