Lovin’ Louboutin October 1, 2008

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How delicious are these?  I’m so in love.  I mean the price tag for any one of these items is more than I have in my bank account, but oh my god, I want to just cuddle with these.  Yummers.

Ariella Python Ankle Boot



Tall Python Boot


Very Passementerie Pump


Small Satin Chain Bowler


Rent Designer Bags and Jewelry April 15, 2008

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So I just discovered Bagborroworsteal.com and I’m not really sure how I feel about it.  They have a huge selection of designer bags, from Gucci to Dior to Coach.  They also have designer jewelry, from Chanel to David Yurman to Vera Wang. 

You can rent any of the items for any length of time.  They break down the cost by weekly and monthly rates.  You can also become a member to get a reduced rental rate.  Of course, there is a fee to become a member. 

If you decide you want to keep the item then they will determine how much it’s worth depending on it’s current shape and how difficult it would be to replace.  As I understand it, they don’t give you that information before your rent it, and the rent you paid is not applied to the price of the product, so you should decide how much you really are prepared to pay for the bag ahead of time.

I think this might be a good option for a snazzy event where you want to look your best but can’t afford to drop a ridiculous amount of cash for something you may never use again.  Maybe for a bride who wants some hot jewelry for her big day. 

Other than that, I think it’s a little silly to waste money renting items just to keep up appearances.  Do you really need to be seen with that bag or bracelet that badly that you’re going to rent it?  It’s just a little too vain, even for me.  Maybe I’m just not used to the idea or I don’t have that kind of disposable income.  I mean if I’m paying for it, I want to keep the damn thing.

I would be all about it if it was a rent-to-own kind of deal where you make monthly payments with a little interest until you can pay off the whole balance.  But I guess that’s what credit cards are for.

I did find a whole slew of items I wantee, though.  This place is trouble!