Cravin’ Joe April 25, 2008

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So I came across this article in Allure Magazine‘s February 2008 issue which discusses all of these possible beauty uses for coffee beans and the CoffeeBerry…very interesting.

Many claim the CoffeeBerry is a powerful antioxident.  They say it contains the same antioxidants found in green tea and pomegranates.  The CoffeeBerry has the potential to protect skin from the sun and environmental damage therefore reducing the probability of developing wrinkles.

The article goes on to explore the possibility of using the caffeine derived from the coffee bean to fight and prevent skin cancer.  There is a study where caffeine was topically applied to mice and apparently, the caffeine left normal skin cells alone, but induced cell death in the UVB damaged skin cells.  So we could potentially fight cancerous skin cells without damaging the healthy ones.  Yay!

Caffeine also constricts blood vessels helping to temporarily reduce swelling and redness.  Dermatologists recommend caffeine for those with rosacea and sensitive skin. 

And last but not least, caffeine can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  (Wow!)  Caffeine increases the metabolism of fat cells.  Paired with other ingredients, such as mosturizers and retinol, cellulite lotions may actually improve the appearance of cellulite.  Haleluja!

More and more products are emerging containing extracts from the CoffeeBerry and coffee beans.  RevaleSkin CoffeeBerry Night Cream and Clinique’s Redness Daily Relief Cream and Soothing Cleanser are a couple of the products highlighted in the article. 

All in all, the claims explored in the article are quite promising.  I’m excited to do some more research and to see what other products emerge in the future.